Best Buy Customer Service

How to get in contact with Best Buy

AddressBest Buy
Penn Avenue South 601
MN 55423 Richfield
Phone number888 237 8289
E-mailNot available
Contact form
Get in contact with the Best Buy customer service to take care of everything related to your contract. Have the information about your contract ready, like your contract number or customer number, so that Best Buy can assign your call. You can manage things like your personal data yourself via the Best Buy login.

Best Buy Customer Service Number

Call 888 237 8289 to reach Best Buy customer service number to speak with a representative.

Best Buy Address

The Best Buy customer service is also available by mail. Send your letter to the following postal address:

Best Buy, Penn Avenue South 601, MN 55423 Richfield

Best Buy E-mail

The Best Buy customer service is currently not available by email.

Best Buy Contact Form

To contact Best Buy, please the contact form on their website. The link to the contact form is as follows:
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Last Update: 12/14/2022

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